I am afraid that our studio is currently closed and we are not expecting to re-open in 2022. Apologies for the inconvenience this may cause.

In the meantime, I can highly recommend:
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Mike Smith / Velomotion
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Bike fitting for Road and TT bikes

We are an independent bike fit studio offering a full range of fit services for cyclists and triathletes.

Founded in 2010, we have completed over 3000 sessions for every level of rider from occasional commuter through to professional athletes.

Our sole focus is to make sure that you leave our Teddington studio more comfortable, more powerful and, most importantly, faster.

Our prices and session times are detailed below and to learn more about what to expect please take some time to read our extensive faq and feedback pages. If you have any further questions or would like to make a booking please use the contact form below.


Standard Bike Fit
  • A full 3 hour Retul fit session on a weekday at 10am.
Premium Bike Fit
  • A full 3 hour Retul fit session on a Saturday at 10am.
Follow Up Fit
  • Follow up sessions will be charged by the hour. An estimate of time required will be provided at the time of booking.

If you would like to bring along a second bike to be fitted at the same session this is charged at £100 extra for the additional bike.


November 2017

Great session this morning, while we made small improvements I felt my position and interaction with the bike were transformed, I got into a much more aero position AND more comfortable. Above all Richard is a treasure trove of information on bike setup and racing due to his many years of experience working with top athletes – I learnt more in 2 hours than over the last 6 months!

Giovanni C

October 2017

I spent three hours with Richard working on my road and TT bike. He is absolutely an expert in his field. I took my road bike out for the first time since the fit yesterday and it was like riding a new bike. My new position reduced discomfort and maximised power output. I felt like I was floating up the hills and still felt fresh 100k in on a challenging course. Highly recommended.

Michaela F

August 2017

Wanting to upgrade my bike and sort out some neck pain I was experiencing on long rides a friend recommended Freespeed. Four months on and I am free of neck pain and thoroughly enjoying my new bike. I wasn’t sure if disc brakes were the way to go but having tackled a few horrible downhill’s I haven’t looked back.

Debbie T

July 2017

Freespeed was highly recommended to me by a few friends after my complaints about problems with lower back. Richard not only fitted both my bikes but also corrected my posture and gave me a few tips about aero position as well as position on my road bike. The outcome was a powerful ride on the following day on my tt bike and guess what – no pain!

Anna K

May 2017

My new bike was fitted but just didn’t feel right. It looked an OK fit on initial scan. This is where Richard’s expertise and knowledge came to the fore. A couple of cleat position changes and a couple of really useful technique changes saw me set 8 Strava PR’s on the ride home & continue to set new ones. Feels perfect now!

Matt W

March 2017

Richard not only adjusted my bike to fit my size, but he corrected posture, gave tips on positioning to avoid back or shoulder aches on long rides. He was extremely thorough and not only used the latest technology but understood how best to interpret its results.

Stephen C

February 2017

Richard explained everything in detail, but in a simple way which was very easy to understand. His depth of knowledge and experience, concerning cycling and triathlon is superb. It’s still very early days adapting to the new position, but I can confidently say that I already know I will be cycling faster. I cannot say enough positive things about the bike fit with Freespeed and wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Richard. Money wisely invested.

Carol P

January 2017

Since the full fitting with Richard, I have cycled 500K and can confidently say that the fitting was a big success. We worked on small adjustments to seating position and the way I ride. The impact is a much better position, better awareness of energy efficiency and literally no knee or back aches which I frequently had in the past. I highly recommended the service!

Simon W

December 2016

Next year is big for me with my first long distance triathlon in 10yrs at Challenge Roth, and I wanted to be sure I was getting the most out of my bike setup to go along with all the effort I am putting in with training my body. I had heard great things about Freespeed and I was not disappointed. Subtle changes to bike and my own positioning mean none of my hard work will be wasted.

Chris D

November 2016

Had a great fit with Richard, well worth the investment to improve my biking position and learn a few things. Richard was really helpful and a wealth of knowledge. I cannot recommend getting a fit enough. Great communication before and after the fit and a genuine motivation to provide a quality service.

Matt L

These are a very small selection of recent comments. To read more go to our feedback page where over 200 happy customers have left comments.

About : Richard Melik

Founder of Freespeed and fully certified Retul fit professional, Richard has completed more than 3000 fit sessions.

He has many years experience of racing in both triathlon and road cycling. He raced 11 Ironmans including Kona and Norseman and enjoyed several seasons of competitive road racing.

His passion is the dark art of a perfect bike position and he will take extraordinary care to make sure that you leave the studio having enjoyed the process and felt the benefits.

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